Originally our hotel building was well-known as the Bermas suitcase factory. Founded in Fürth in 1919, the company was set up again in Erbendorf after World War II. The company played a leading role in the production of suitcases, developing and producing the first trolley case in series. In the 1960s and 1970s it was leading in Europe and the second-largest employer in Erbendorf.

The existing production buildings were extended in the former sawmill next to Bruckmühle. A further extension was built in 1968 in Tirschenreuther Straße, which is the present ARIBO Hotel Erbendorf.

Even today there is a suitcase and bag shop in Erbendorf, with an astonishingly huge selection of finest bags.


After the renovation of the main building and the construction of the conference centre, including a foot bridge on the first floor connecting the two buildings, a modern holiday and conference venue has been set up.

We think it was a clever idea to convert the historical building into a hotel. But you never know! Maybe some of our guests’  suitcases return to their origin?

With its architecture our hotel is similar to a cruiser, and therefore it was named after a famous person, as usual with ships. The patron saint of our hotel is Duke AriboII, the official founder of the town of Erbendorf. A thousand years ago he founded a monastery here, authorized by a letter from Pope Paschalis. In his memory we christened our hotel ARIBO.