Romantic valley of the Waldnaab

The river Waldnaab has shaped the massive granite rocks between Falkenberg and Windischeschenbach.

It runs between rocky slopes and in its bed there are huge boulders, some with  basins and holes.

Uncanny rock formations, 30 to 50 metres high,  and sleek rocks are to be found along the river.

Green ferns, diverse flowers, birch and beech trees and the waves and white horses of the water make the valley a picturesque and mystical place.

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Tourist Information Oberpfälzer Wald
Mähringer Str. 7
95643 Tirschenreuth

Tel: 0 96 31 / 8 82 23

Web: Oberpfälzer Wald

Nature Reserve Steinwald

The 900 metre high granite ridge of the Steinwald, between Fichtelgebirge and Oberpfaelzer Wald, is typical of the countryside in the northern Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate). The hills are covered with coniferous and beech forests. There are tall and curious rock formations like Raeuberfelsen, Vogelfelsen, Saubadfelsen.

On the peak of the Steinwald the observation tower Oberpfalzturm allows a wide view of the countryside.

Geological Centre Windischeschenbach

Geologists drilled 9.101 metres into the lithosphere – the deepest hole in the world in rocky underground.

The geological centre at the „Kontinentale Tiefbohrung“ is an information centre for scientists, schools and the public, offering exhibitons and giuded tours.The world’s highest derrick, drilling equipment and samples of stones are shown. There is a cinema, a laboratory, a shop and a cafeteria.

Geological Centre at the KTB
Am Bohrturm 2
92670 Windischeschenbach


GEOPARK Bavaria-Bohemia - Journey into the interior of the earth

This international geopark offers a journey back to the time when dinosaurs lived and volcanoes shaped the landscape.

600 million years of geology can be discovered in geotopes, nature trails, museums, caves and mines, information centres and at guided tours with „Geopark rangers“.

Around Erbendorf there are exciting geological phenomena:

  • Steinwald at Pfaben with rock formations and nature trail
  • Waldhaus at Pfaben with info centre geopark and nature reserve Steinwald, guided tour „Granite and Soil“
  • Serpentinit – Foehrenbuehl at Groetschenreuth, one of the hundred most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria, guided tour „Soil“
  • Schadenreuther Platte, guided tour „Volcanoes“

GEOPARK Bavaria-Bohemia

Marktplatz 1

92711 Parkstein


Discovering a volcano at Parkstein

The National Geotope „Hoher Parkstein“ shows the exciting world of volcanism. In the new museum visitors learn about the origin of this basalt cone, according to Alexander von Humboldt the „most beautiful in Europe“. The exhibiton „Life at the Volcano“ deals with the present situation, showing the amazing flora and fauna in the nature reserve and a lot of details about volcanoes world-wide. The highlight: Every hour a volcanic eruption demonstrates what the explosions were like in the past.

In three caves the inside of the volcano can be explored. On the way up to the top of the hill you pass ruined castles and the nature trail with interesting information on the history of the stones and rocks of the Oberpfalz. On the top you can enjoy a fatastic view of the rolling hills around. On the way down you will be impressed by the uncanny and curious basalt formations.

Guided tours: You can book guided tours and special tours for children in the museum and around the basalt cone with geopark rangers (one up to two hours).

Volcano Parkstein

Schlossgasse 5

92711 Parkstein


Foto © Markt Parkstein / Matthias Hecht