Distillery Schraml

This distillery is a traditional family business in Erbendorf.

For six generations they have been producing exquisite spirits from fruit and grain, and also whisky, a special grain whisky Scottish style, which is kept in oak casks for ten years.

All the products can be tasted and bought in the distillery itself, loacted in the Alte Propstei, or in the distillery shop in Erbendorf.

There are also guided tours in the distillery.

Whisky from the distillery Schraml is also available in our restaurant PIER 28 in the ARIBO Hotel.

Distillery Schraml

Pfarrgasse 22, 92681 Erbendorf

Web: www.brennerei-schraml.de

History Park Baernau-Tachov

The archeological open-air museum Baernau-Tachov invites you to a journey through time to the Middle Ages (9th through 13th centuries).
You can stroll through a medieval Slavic village, climb a castle from the 11th century and end up in a medieval settlement from the 13th century.

The history park is an inter-active museum which illustrates an authentic picture of medieval life. It is continually extended and you can watch the building of new houses and huts.

The museum organises inter-active events like archery contests and building walls from clay etc.

Verein Via Carolina e.V.
History park Baernau-Tachov
Naaber Straße 5b
95671 Bärnau

Web: www.geschichtspark.de

City Museum Tirschenreuth

For people who are into history the city museum Tirschenreuth is a must. Children and grown-ups can experience and discover a lot here.

There is a traditional fish culture, speaking fish, porcelain, icon and crib exhibitons, and a documentation about the most famous citizen of the town, Johann Andreas Schmeller, the founder of Bavarian linguistics.


Regensburger Str. 6

95643 Tirschenreuth

Web: MuseumsQuartier

Castle Weißenstein

The ruined castle Weißenstein is situated in the middle of the nature reserve Steinwald between Marktredwitz and Erbendorf. In the past its owners ruled a large territory.

Although the castle never really played a historic role, its position is unique.

High granite rocks were used as base and walls of the building.

Its donjon consists of big square stones and has a strange and very unusual long shape.

Today the castle is used for cultural events like concerts etc.